Javier Andrada Guerrero


As a child I drew like all children. When pimples started to come out, I tried to draw my dog ​​and it was impossible because he kept moving.

I also tried to draw a clay pot, but I got very bored. I would have liked to draw faces, but it was very complicated because people do not usually like to look bad.

I don't understand what prompted me to continue drawing, really. Possibly there were not many more things to do.

Until I was twenty-two, I did not start living on drawing. A couple of years later, a friend told me that I drew as I drew because I didn't know how to draw well. Without knowing it, he hit the nail on the head.

So, I have tried to continue without drawing well in recent years. I have not stopped drawing, yes, although much less than I would have liked. The days are very short.

When they told me that thousands of copies of a book illustrated by me had been sold, I tried to imagine thousands of children with my book, but I couldn't imagine more than twenty or thirty. I think drawing for them is a great thing.

Then there is the issue of colour, light, and beauty, and life ... but it's all very simple, so there's no need to talk about it.



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